[Event Summary] Computing At Schools

[Event Summary] From Cloud Computing to Platform as a Service

London West Branch – From cave to cloud – the expanding perimeter of security

British AirwaysBritish Airways hosting London West branch event.

Speaker: Justin Harling, Managing Director CAE Technology Services
Date: Tuesday 20th May 2014
Time: Registration at 17:00
Venue: British Airways Head Office – Waterside

The emergence of Cloud is another example in a history of IT security where the scope of the threat has widened and the challenge faced by IT departments has deepened.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How threats have developed over time – what history teaches us about security
  • How existing threats are relevant in the Cloud computing age – the constant of malicious attacks and user idiocy
  • The new challenges of public and private cloud infrastructures – the importance of trust
  • Cloud based security as an opportunity – every cloud has a silver lining

For further information please visit the BCS West London Branch webpage.



[Event Summary] Computing in Schools

Computing in Schools

[Event Summary] Medical Imaging Now and the Big Data Future

Medical Imaging Presentation Image

Computing in Schools

Computing in Schools

Simon Humphreys, Coordinator Computing at School (CAS)

Simon frequently gives talks about the work of Computing At School (CAS), it’s connections to BCS and the current situation re development of a new computing curriculum in schools and how IT Professionals can get involved to support what is happening in their local schools. From September 2014 all schools (primary and secondary) that follow the National curriculum will see significant changes from the old ICT curriculum to the newly branded and redesigned Computing curriculum. This will not be easy for many as most teachers currently teaching ICT do not have a computer science background. The need for training and support is urgent. CAS are playing a lead role in the development of the curriculum and are also putting into place a training scheme for all teachers. There is a role for IT Professionals to engage with their local school and offer their own help and support to the teachers.


Simon Humphreys – Biography

sahSimon is the National Coordinator for the Computing At School working, which roughly translates to managing the day-to-day activities of the CAS group!  Simon taught music before a hearing impairment forced a change in direction and he went back to university.  Having graduated with a first-class degree he taught A Level Computing at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. It was there that his concerns were first raised at the lack of continuity in our schools for those students wishing to engage with computer science from secondary school on.  With colleagues and friends from other schools, academia and industry he formed the Computing At School working group.  He has overseen the development of CAS from a small group of 20 to an organisation of over 9500 members.  Simon is also responsible for the development of the CAS/BC Network of Excellence for Computer Science Teaching.  In whatever spare time he has left he is writing and arranging music for the nationally regarded Cambridge Touring Theatre Company.

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Event Information

The meeting is on Thursday 6 March 7.00 for 7.30 and ends around 9.00.

It will be held at the Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG.

Sandwiches and light refreshments are available from 7.00pm.

Meetings are open to non-members and free.

From Cloud Computing to Platform as a Service


Andy Piper. Developer Advocate for Cloud Foundry
February 13, 2014 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

This will explore how the use of cloud computing has grown. Andy has a passionate interest in Open Source, small and mobile devices, cloud, the Internet of Things, Arduino and related technologies. He is probably best known online as a “social bridgebuilder”. He was previously with IBM Software Group for more than 10 years.

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Event Information

The meeting is on Thursday 13 February 7.00 for 7.30 and ends around 9.00.

It will be held at the Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG.

Sandwiches and light refreshments are available from 7.00pm.

Meetings are open to non-members and free.

BCS Berkshire February Event – Quadricopters and Nodecopters

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a Nodecopter!

Quadricopters and Nodecopters – 18th February 7.30-9.30pm

In the hassle and activity of everyday life in the IT industry, do you ever wonder why you got involved in the first place? This event will remind you how much fun, and learning, there can be in thinking up new ideas and solutions. Nodecopter events are one day hackathons organised around developing apps to control a quadricopter (AR Drone 2.0) with an opensource, easy to use, javscript based interface. Andrew Nesbitt will talk about the technical platform that makes this possible and the kind of apps people have developed (which include teaching the ‘copter to run at a red flag!), complete with a demo of the kind of tricks you can get the ‘copter to perform.

Location: Henley Business School, University of Reading

19:00 Networking
19:30 Quadricopters and Nodecopters – Presentation and Demo by Andrew Nesbitt

20:30 Q&A and Networking
21:30 Close

Cost to attend:

To book:

Bookings for this special event are now open at berkshire.bcs.org

[Event Summary] Wall to Wall Raspberry Pi

Meeting Video

Medical Imaging Now and the Big Data Future


Professor Sir Michael Brady FRS FREng FMedSci

Medical science and practice continue to be transformed by Computer Science and Engineering, particularly by imaging.  This talk outlines some of the ways in which medical imaging has evolved: from anatomy to physiology to function; from the generation of images to inform a clinician to numbers that quantify disease and its evolution; increasingly deep linkages to molecular biology; and, by embracing cloud technology and big data, providing new opportunities for science and novel business opportunities.

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Event Information

The meeting is on Thursday 23 January 7.00 for 7.30 and ends around 9.00.

It will be held at the Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG.

Sandwiches and light refreshments are available from 7.00pm.

Meetings are open to non-members and free.

Talent Pool: take the plunge back into work – 28 February

Oxfordshire parents returning to work and other people wanting to explore flexible working are being offered the chance to network with prospective employers at Talent Pool, a one off event organised by Oxfam’s IT department with support from BCS.

Three inspirational speakers, including Oxfam’s CIO, will start the event, explaining the motivations behind Talent Pool and a reminder of the value a flexible workforce brings to any workplace. Participants can then network with the organisations in the ‘market place’ and access specialist information such as how best to use LinkedIn.

Organisations taking part in the event, which will take place at Oxfam House in Cowley, include BCS, global technology and consulting company IBM, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfam.

The free event takes place on 28 February between 9.15 and 11am. An accredited free crèche is also available.

People interested in attending, whether in a participant or business capacity, can email Sally Otter at talentpool@oxfam.org.uk

BCS members: Register your interest to be part of the Growth Vouchers Marketplace in 2014

In January 2014 the Government will launch a £30 million Growth Vouchers (GV) programme to test what impact strategic advice has on small business growth. The initiative will take the form of an expert marketplace for advice, with significant government funding provided to small businesses to pay for professional advice.

BCS is a key partner in the GV initiative alongside other professional associations including ICAEW, CIM, CIPD, and ACCA. We expect that hundreds of BCS members will see value in supporting small businesses in this way, as well as building their reputation and also educating the market about the critical role of IT in business growth.

More information and registration details

Northampton Branch – Penetration Testing Day Survey

Northampton BCS Group would like to run an all-day penetration testing day event at the University of Northampton. Start time at 09:30 and finish at ~17:00. The proposal at this stage is to run this during April (Saturday 5th April)

This will be a ‘premium’ paid for event with a slightly subsidized cost to BCS members

Estimated numbers around 30 to 50 attendees + facilitators + event co-ordinators.

The agenda is flexible but generally the morning session consists of;

  • Introduction to pen-testing/ethical hacking,
  • Breaking into the industry,
  • Methods,
  • Deep-dive into pen-testing process/phases, some examples.

The afternoon session consists of hands on examples and then Capture the Flag events with various teams. Finally a quick wrap-up and networking session at the end of the day.

Just to gauge numbers we have set-up a survey for users to register an interest.


I would appreciate if you could access the survey so we can trace the interest in the event.

Kind Regards

Barney Duffy MBCS BSC Hon (Open, ICT) Dip IT
Chair Northampton Branch

[Event Summary] “Britain’s greatest fraudster” hits Oxford University!


Former fraudster turned crimefighter Tony Sales addressed guests at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education last week, giving academics and IT professionals cause for thought…

In his lecture, Tony Sales demonstrated how a fraudster could use online information, some of it readily shared by people on their social media pages, to take over an individual’s financial identity – ultimately remortgaging their house! He showed how easy it is for criminals to discover online passwords of their victims by going into their local coffee shop and tapping into public Wifi there – with the help of an easily downloadable app.

Once inside their victim’s personal email and online shopping accounts, the criminal quickly learns all about them. “People’s tendency to use the same, or similar, password across multiple accounts is a huge help to the criminal” says Tony. “All it then takes is a short ‘phishing’ phone call to nail crucial financial information. It is easy for the criminal to sound convincing on the phone as they pretend to be from a major retailer – as they now have an intimate knowledge of their victim’s shopping habits and recent transactions”.

The event was organised by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, who had invited Tony to address its Christmas meeting at Rewley House, Oxford last week. “It was a rare opportunity to hear a speaker with such practical experience in this field who has only previously spoken to retail and financial services audiences” said Tim Lambertstock, Chair of the BCS Oxfordshire Branch.

“Our audience is pretty savvy,” says Tim Lambertstock. “Our events are open to non-members but most are IT specialists and professionals in the field. This event also attracted an audience from academics, researchers and students from the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University, eager to hear Tony’s perspective”.

“Some people were sceptical, believing the threat of cyber fraud is exaggerated – unless they’d had personal involvement. I believe Tony may have given them cause to reconsider”.

BCS members and fellows include many of the UK’s most influential IT players, including World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Among its aims are bridging the gap between education, policy and research, and informing public policy on the wider use of IT in society.

As BCS’s Tim Lambertstock summed up “If you live your entire life through social media you need to be aware that someone else, a criminal, could too.”


Christmas Event – Meet “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster”


Tony Sales, Retail Fraud Uncovered
Thursday 5 December at 6.45pm
Rewley House,
1 Wellington Square, Oxford,Oxfordshire OX1 2HY

Only one man has stood at both the summit of organised crime and the pinnacle of loss prevention. Meet Tony Sales at this our special event for Christmas hosted at Rewley House, Oxford University.

Tony was one of the UK’s most wanted criminals, on the run for over six years, he stole an estimated £30 million from retailers in online and instore scams, as well as running an organised fraud operation that ruthlessly and systematically exploited the weaknesses of its retailer targets. These activities led him to be branded “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster” by The Sun.

Tony has also been covered in numerous other publications as well as appearing as the subject of several crime documentaries and provided technical consultancy for film and TV productions on real life crime.

His biography, written by a leading true crime writer, is due out in 2014.

Now a reformed character, Tony Sales works identifying opportunities for fraud and has found that online trading has brought twice as many opportunities for the fraudster and made it easier to commit fraud today than ever before. Tony is an expert on financial fraud around credit cards, asset financing, mortgage fraud and banking. Recently he romped through the security systems of a well-known high street bank and demonstrated how easy it is to open a bank account in minutes using fake ID. He had the bank’s permission to try, but they were still shocked at how easy it was. And of course a fake bank account on the black market is worth about £30,000. Not bad for 10 minutes work.

The fundamental reason why fraud is so simple is that those engaged in the battle to defeat fraud and the people that are targeted are fundamentally honest people. They may have an understanding of how fraudsters go about their work, or even come into contact with them through their professions, but unless you have actually seen the world through the eyes of a criminal it is impossible to fully understand how he thinks and to anticipate his methods.

We live in an increasingly complex world involving many online and offline transactions from credit card purchases to mortgages and business financing. As a former member of “underworld royalty”, Tony Sales is uniquely placed to help business combat crime. In this presentation Tony uses his unique perspective to discuss how fraudsters select targets and commit their crimes, picking apart systems and then ruthlessly exploiting the flaws and human weaknesses.

His cross-over from elite criminal to top level consultant, trusted by the inner sanctum of banking and retail with their most sensitive information, has been remarkable. Now he is retained by some of the biggest retail operations in Europe, and has advised businesses with total sales of more than £10 Billion per annum.

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Event Information

bellsThe meeting is on Thursday 5 December 6.45 for 7.30 and ends around 9.00.

It will be held at:

Rewley House
1 Wellington Square
Oxford,Oxfordshire OX1 2HY

A special Christmas event with mulled wine.Sandwiches and mince pies are available from 6.45pm.

Meetings are open to non-members and free.

A Note about Parking
On street parking is very restricted in and around Wellington Square. The closest Car Park is Gloucester Green or we suggest you park where you normally would for Keble Road (it is only a 5 minute walk from there) or try St Giles.