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Thursday 24 April: Branch Visit

Annual Branch Visit This year’s branch visit was a guided tour including the Gun Shed, the Tank Shed at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. The tour of the military vehicles and hardware has always been one of the highlights at the prizegiving for our Oxfordshire Schools Web Competition, so we were delighted that branch members […]

Thursday 13 March: What’s Hot?

What’s Hot? Three speakers presented their ideas for new technology applications: an easy to use web presence for takeaway restaurants, a communications gadget for tour groups, and an advertising-funded service providing email and web calendaring for local clubs and societies. Presenters were questioned by the audience and by our distinguished expert panellists, Dr Jan Hruska, […]

Thursday 21 February: How Big Business learned to love Virtual Worlds

How Big Business learned to love Virtual Worlds For our February meeting, we took a look at virtual worlds and, in particular, Second Life. IBM has long been recognised as an interested player in virtual worlds. Roo Reynolds (right) told us how a handful of brave IBMers first began a foray into Second Life and […]

Thursday 24 January: IT at JET – A Challenging Fusion Research Environment

IT at JET – A Challenging Fusion Research Environment Our January speaker, Sverker Griph, gave us a brief rundown of the history of fission and fusion, starting with the failed physics teacher, working in the Bern patent office, who published four ground-breaking papers in 1905 and introduced e=mc**2 to the world. JET was set up […]

Tuesday 27 November: Identity Fraud – From Criminals to Consumers

Identity Fraud – From Criminals to Consumers We were delighted to welcome Tom Ilube as the speaker for our 2007 Christmas lecture. Tom was CIO of Egg and is now CEO of technology startup Garlik, a new company aimed at increasing consumer awareness of what information about them is publicly available, and helping to prevent […]

Wednesday 7 November: BCS Open Evening at Science Oxford

Open Evening at Science Oxford The 7th of November was a showcase night for the Oxford branch of the British Computer Society on its 50th anniversary year, 2007. A stunning venue of Science Oxford was used to promote the services that the BCS offers both its members and non members. Wine and Millets farm cheese […]

Wednesday 24 October The Vision & Reality of Access Grid and How it Can Save the Planet

Joint meeting Access Grid is an advanced collaboration environment which has been described as "videoconferencing on steroids". In this Joint Session with Chester & North Wales branch, Michael Daw, Head of the UK Access Grid Support Centre at the University of Manchester, delivered his talk from the Daresbury Lab using live Access Grid video links […]

Thursday 27 Sept: How Green is IT?

How Green is IT? Our speaker was Liam Newcombe, secretary of the BCS Data Centre Specialist Group, which is raising the awareness of just how "Green" we are in the IT industry.  Liam gave us the real facts and figures with information about what we as an industry are doing and can do about it. […]